Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ethical thoughts and dilemmas

In a quandry and confused, one could say. As a mother of two boys and a single parent, I sometimes get the feeling that people look down on me and indeed, when it comes to affairs of the heart, men don't want the 'baggage' that goes along with being a single mother. Fair enough, I say but I'm hardly on the lookout for a potential father for my boys - they both have fathers and both see their fathers regularly. I guess what I'm saying is, I sometimes get the feeling that women in this position are deemed as unworthy on some levels..

Also, is it ethical and indeed fair, for someone who a person may be sharing intimate times with, to be going away with their ex for a few days? I'd be interested to hear others' views about this because I don't think it's appropriate or indeed considerate of the other person's feelings. I know some ex's are good friends and the like but this just doesn't sit right..Hmm I look forward to your thoughts about this...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So the holiday is over and the wanderlust continues

So blogging has taken a backburner whilst I've been away on holiday in the beautiful Saronic Gulf of Greece. Agistri, the small island my son and I stayed on was beautiful, peaceful, traditionally Greek, slow and friendly.
I realise that we, in the UK live so fast and furious that at times, it's no wonder people get burn-out! The Greek way of life I have always admired; late eating, slower pace of life, a seemingly communal spirit.

I was nervous about travelling to this island, mainly because of the ferry business and connecting from Pireaus, when in reality, this was a piece of cake - shuttle bus directly to the port and (enormous and buzzing as Piraeus port is) find the correct ferry and then wait for said ferry! I liked the feel of Piraeus and some of the lovely old buildings! I'm not too keen on the more modern architecture but the old traditional Greek architecture, is truly beautiful!

My holiday consisted of much relaxation, swimming, cycling, sunbathing, reading, eating out and in, drinking and Greek dancing in a traditional taverna, meeting new sweet people, clubbing! Clubbing I hear you say with a child? Greek style island hoildaying allows this, it's true! I went to the club with some other people I met and their son and had a great time, the Greeks certainly know how to club! What an atmosphere! I was also invited by a very sweet Greek man and his wife, to accompany them back to Athens, to sleep at their apartment, which was a stone's throw from The Acropolis..I declined the offer mainly due to finances and the heat as my son was struggling a little with the VERY high temperatures..I though, loved it and do enjoy being in the sunshine although the shade is also refreshing to be in, when the goings gets so warm!

I also made a few contacts with people who offered me cheaper accommodation if and when I decide to revisit.. I'd love to go back out there at some point..I discussed with A the possibility of us heading over there for a week later this year but time and circumstances will tell on that score..I feel this travel has put many things into perspective and indeed reminded me that there's a whole wide world out there with many sweet, caring and generous people! I also did discuss English teaching work out there and it seems, private tutoring is big out in Greece..Hmm this thought keeps my wanderlust alive for sure..

Sadly and anxiouly I return to work tomorrow, I'm nervous about this, it has to be said but time will tell how I cope..I'm sure all will be fine but I guess it's been so long since I was there, anxiety does take over somewhat! Early night in order tonight and wish me luck for my first day back!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday's Thoughts and Feelings

So I read today that a state funeral is planned for Thatcher! i can't think of anything more insulting to be very honest and really don't believe this woman is deserving of a state funeral! Check out the link about this but I ain't in no shape or form happy about it if this is granted and no doubt, many of the left leaning of the Brit population won't be either!

Tracey Emin is exhibiting in Edinburgh until November. I'd really love to see this exhibition; I think Emin is a fantastic artist. Not only does she have guts, nouse and talent, she also refuses money for work and I quote...

"Yesterday Emin revealed that she had been offered £1m to remake the tent, but had refused. The offer had come by way of the insurance company of collector Charles Saatchi, who owned the work at the time of its destruction. "I have never, ever done anything for the money," she said. Making the tent again, out of its time, seemed wrong. It feels needed here, to complete a circle; yet, at the same time, its absence is appropriate in an exhibition where so much of the material relates to loss, to the impossibility of memory's recovery, to an unrealisable desire to change the past.

I salute this woman wholeheartedly, as I also do regarding her view about love and sex..her description about making love replicates my own views about such an intimate act with another person and what a truly delightful account of how she feels on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. There aren't many in life who you meet whereby this feeling is apparent and when it is, it's pure bliss! I always feel that making love with someone is only right when the 'head' is truly into what is happening..without this, making love isn't making love but a mechanical, empty act..Anyway, read her wonderful description

"When I'm having sex and being fucked and I disappear into the ether and it's amazing, I feel like I am being crucified; and it makes me feel of Jesus and how he is supposed to represent love. When you really feel love for someone you go to another place - and that level of ecstasy could be heaven. There's nothing blasphemous about it - it's absolutely genuine. Making love and being in love are just fantastic. It should happen more often."

I depart the UK shores tomorrow for Greece and I 'm nervously excited! I want to see so much when I'm there but I also need to chill and kick back quite a bit. I'd love to get to see Hydra and Aphea on Ageana..we'll see!