Monday, April 26, 2010


Need I say more about their music?? Revisiting them at the mo and my....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hoo Haa, election time and walking the wonderful Manc Moors

Who to vote for in this sad old climate of politics? Well, me being such an old skool labourite leftie, I fear it is time to make a radical turn away from their centre to right modern policies to something a little more radical. And the only solution to that is of course The Greens. I have now read their manifesto twice and have decided that their pledges are waht I feel most strongly about and thus, I have to vote for a party who reflects my own values and politics. Many an article I have read by Caroline Lucas and other Greens makes complete and utter sense to me..Of course you get the old arguement that a small party vote is a wasted vote but of course a small party, like small things have the ability to gwo and get bigger, so Green it is for me. I await with anticipation at the results of the elction but my dreaded fear is that the Tories will reign supreme..
Onwards Green I go...

The Pennine Way? Has anyone walked from Crowden to Edale part of the path? The man and I are planning to do this part of the way for our year anniversary. Our starting point at Longendale is truly gorgeous, big wide expanses of reservoir, which we've cycled the most of this area but when looking online at the Pennine Way, the horror stories make me laugh and wonder if I need to go on an emergency orienteering course. We will be camping along the way and of course taking compass and maps but it would be good to hear others experiences of this great part of the world. Indeed when I think of the North West, I love the hills surrounding Manchester and there's so much open space once you get out of the city..One day in the long future, it would make me happy top move up north just for this vast countryside and hills reason..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am loved...

Yes, I can honestly say that I am wholeheartedly and genuinely loved by a truly lovely man. Nearly a year of love has simplified so many things and yet brought to the fore so many hurdles that I am slowly but surely working through. A year of long distance travelling to be with the love and yet the flame still burns as it did on that first May weekend.
And yet we do so many simple things that life has become very simplified and this is good for me, for I have the chance and time to reflect and things have started to properly click into place at last and I now know that with love, brings peace and solace.
I will return soon to write about what is happening in my world but for now, the true man of my life has set me free..