Monday, October 25, 2010

The LUNATICS have taken over the ASYLUM....?

For sure they have... Now just look at this....

Blood boiling news....

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Where have I been?

Busy and not busy..what a cliche that is?

1. I was made redundant in July
2. Dossing around the house has been fun
2a. Holidaying. 2 holidays. Jimera de Libar en Espagne! Kobenhavn Danmark. Reigniting old friendship with lovely Danish friend.
3. Eldest son returned home from above land.
4. Almost 6 feet under but not..long story but here nonetheless
5. Contemplating life as an archivist
6. Finally come to terms with the fact that my head has been elsewhere for a long, long time
7. 5 poems to be published in a book of poems! Thanks Mr Pape.
8. Pissed off with the TORIES. YES, VERY PISSED OFF!
9. Trying to finish decorating bathroom in Victorian/olde English style
10. ? I will return soon to continue..oh yes I will! Greetings and love to all buddies in cyberworld..

Friday, May 07, 2010

Victory for the Greens and the first MP in Parliament

OK, so the election results are up in the air and insecure right now but I really can't contain my excitement about Caroline Lucas becoming the first Green MP in Parliament; great news indeed and I feel proper chuffed about this and what this may mean for Green policies of the future. The people of Brighton have done the party proud and indeed, many of the old left wingers seem to back her manifesto.
Interesting times right now and let's watch this space to see what the next week or so brings to the new British Government.

I will return when I have more time but off to pack my bags to see the manc!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Need I say more about their music?? Revisiting them at the mo and my....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hoo Haa, election time and walking the wonderful Manc Moors

Who to vote for in this sad old climate of politics? Well, me being such an old skool labourite leftie, I fear it is time to make a radical turn away from their centre to right modern policies to something a little more radical. And the only solution to that is of course The Greens. I have now read their manifesto twice and have decided that their pledges are waht I feel most strongly about and thus, I have to vote for a party who reflects my own values and politics. Many an article I have read by Caroline Lucas and other Greens makes complete and utter sense to me..Of course you get the old arguement that a small party vote is a wasted vote but of course a small party, like small things have the ability to gwo and get bigger, so Green it is for me. I await with anticipation at the results of the elction but my dreaded fear is that the Tories will reign supreme..
Onwards Green I go...

The Pennine Way? Has anyone walked from Crowden to Edale part of the path? The man and I are planning to do this part of the way for our year anniversary. Our starting point at Longendale is truly gorgeous, big wide expanses of reservoir, which we've cycled the most of this area but when looking online at the Pennine Way, the horror stories make me laugh and wonder if I need to go on an emergency orienteering course. We will be camping along the way and of course taking compass and maps but it would be good to hear others experiences of this great part of the world. Indeed when I think of the North West, I love the hills surrounding Manchester and there's so much open space once you get out of the city..One day in the long future, it would make me happy top move up north just for this vast countryside and hills reason..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am loved...

Yes, I can honestly say that I am wholeheartedly and genuinely loved by a truly lovely man. Nearly a year of love has simplified so many things and yet brought to the fore so many hurdles that I am slowly but surely working through. A year of long distance travelling to be with the love and yet the flame still burns as it did on that first May weekend.
And yet we do so many simple things that life has become very simplified and this is good for me, for I have the chance and time to reflect and things have started to properly click into place at last and I now know that with love, brings peace and solace.
I will return soon to write about what is happening in my world but for now, the true man of my life has set me free..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Axed but starting to get the feeling of being interestingly free...

Today it was announced that all of my work's division is to be axed as from July. Yes, the college I work for is in financial mess and thus, they are axing over 200 jobs meaning, the people I teach are not high priority..this being homeless people. Now, I could get into a long debate about the widening participation agenda and the hypocrisy of this but you know what? I can't be fuckin arsed. In many ways, I feel that the change for me is a welcome change. Don't get me wrong, I feel for those with a mortgage etc and as a unionist, I guess there will be strikes about these cuts which of course I will be active on, but in many ways, I am ready for a change. Whatever that may be? Who knows but maybe a complete change from the burn out work that teaching has become and maybe something a little more holistic, conservation or some such. we'll see. The money side of things will be a weird thing to get used to but in some ways, I am prepared to be skint for a while as I have been so in the past..
I have been off work for 6 weeks with anaemia, and this isn't improving as yet. I suspect, as the Dr says, I will feel better after the tablets have taken effect over the next few months. Debilitation and tiredness is not much fun when one wants to get back on track with life.
I did my first proper guided Zen meditation this week. Talk about intense! But, the experience was a good one and one that I would like to continue with as much as possible. To be able to let go as such for a long length of time is a feat in many ways but it proved good for much so, I couldn't sleep last night and had a revelationary dream!
So things are moving and changing in my world and I will return to report to my cyber buddies when I get that free moment or two! and you know what, I feel sort of excited about what may be around the corner and what possibilities could be out there. Watch this space!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hibernating January

January started off so well but 3 weeks ago, I got hit by an awful virus which has subsequently left me with what the Dr terms, Post Viral Syndrome. Generally this means that I have been wiped of all energy, my ear tubes have been blocked and thus, my ear plays sounds of buzzing continually which is painfully annoying. I have spent most of the time in and out of bed recouperating and off work! Strange that these viruses knock the body for six! My man came over to stay with me for 2 weeks whilst I have been ill and showed me a lot of love and offered his support which was very kind and sweet of him..we did manage to go out one night for a curry and a lovely walk through the park admiring the stars..Sadly he had to go back yesterday which always depresses me for the first day that he's gone..but today, I woke up with a sense of finding some spirit again and trying to do a little more in the hope of feeling generaly better and a tad towards recovery!I visited a good friend who is going to give me a massage in return for me cutting her 1 year old son's hair - a good swap if you ask me and all without exchanging a penny! I also went to a Tai Chi class which I really enjoyed and enjoyed feeling the 'chi' in the tips of my fingers..really special feeling.

Whilst being ill I have also come across a great website called This is a community based website aimed at people swapping their skills for free..a free economy one might say and worth joining if you believe and indeed would like to share the ethos/skills.. Apart from that, there is nothing much more to share in Sara world..Let's hope a speedy recovery ensues!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My heart goes out to Haiti

Just a quick look in here to say that my heart goes out to Haiti and its people right now..what a sad state of affairs when you consider that the general UK populace moan about such triviality as the snow - Puts it all into perspective and here's sending cyber thoughts of love, support and strength to those suffering so much right now..I will return when time allows...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year to all and hope your Xmas was one of peace and serenity, reflection and love..

Here we are, January the 5th 2010! Another year over, a new one just begun..which funnily enough, sounds like a John Lennon song to me! and of course, is the lyrics to Merry Christmas war is over. Anyway, I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Xmas and spent it with loved ones and special ones.
My Xmas really started on the 22nd December 2009. I threw a small gathering for my friends, all of whom mean very much to me. Some could make it, others couldn't. Those who made it, well it was wonderful to catch up and remind myself what great friends I have. I was given a friend's music CD that he's finally put to disc, a bunch of flowers and some lovely chocolates - and these gifts were from my males friends, how sweet can people be? How thoughtful and isn't that what true friendships are about? Thoughtfulness, love and caring. Anyway, my gathering was alovely, warm affair with in my opinion, a good and chilled atmosphere..mulled wine, discussion, laughter and a little dancing made the night for me. Again, I will endeavour to have a gathering again towards the end of Jan and Feb to keep up to date with friends whom I don't see so much and who I miss not seeing.
Long Distance relationships in many ways mean that time at the weekend is spent travelling to or from and thus, weekend friendships partying seems to take on a back burner on some levels. I hope one day the long distance issue will be respolved but time will tell on this one.
Xmas Eve was spent with my son, partner and family in a nearby pub which was also a nice starter to the Yule celebrations. Xmas day was spent at home with the man and my son. We took a stroll around the university lake which was as pretty as a picture - white over and festive.
After Xmas, the man and me took to The Peaks for our respective present to each other - a 2 day stay in The Peaks - Edale, the place where we met. The weather was amazing up there and we managed to do a long walk over the peaks, through a forest and all the way to Ladybower Dam and then on to Bamford. Bearing in mind, we got stook in a snow blizzard high on the hills and part way as we wondered around Ladybower. I can declare that the pub fire never felt so warming and welcoming after such a long and arduous walk!
New Year's Eve was spent at home with my son and man. We arrived back late NYE and it was time for me to spend with my son this year..I enjoyed the night but was tired and would've been in no fit state for a proper hogmany bash!

Anyway here are a few pics of my Xmas..