Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bounding energy ....

All things to much energy me..My mind is an overactive atom bomb ready to explode at times but then seeking information and interests has also been a part of my personality, so let's let the atom bomb explode!!! Recently, I've been loving my foray back to William Blake land..I love this guy's work - paintings and many of his poems..Eternity? What a simple but beautiful poem..


He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies... Read more
Lives in eternity's sun rise.

My favourite picture? Possibly Pity or Adam and Eve watched by satan - amazing picture and illustration that was used in Milton's Paradise Lost.

I've also been enjoyimg listening to a band called Glas Candy, their track Digital Versicolor is sooooo seductive! I love it!
This weekend I have a few plans up my sleeve; a possible trip to the Manchester Buddhist Centre open day and def a visit to the Salford Quays War Imperial Museum to see the exhibition about the cold war and artefacts from the Berlin wall destruction. I look forward to seeing all of the coild war history - should be really interesting!

Life is good on many levels in my world, albeit a few hiccups here and there and the need to work through certain issues..lucky that solidity is present in my world, lucky indeed..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So the creative energy has been a tad dormant of late until one day last week, Thursday or Friday I think it was whereby I had the most wonderful creative energy. I wonder whether this is to do with the changing seasons and the wild wind blowing on this very day! I cycled to the city, bought myself a fab new book called 'Sum;Forty tales from the afterlife' by David Eaglemen, which I urge anyone to read who has an interest in different possibilities or not, of what may or may not be out there when we depart this plane of life. This weekend I reach 42! 42? I remember my Mum reaching 42 and it feels odd to be thinking that I'm there.. almost! You may call me mad but I aim to visit my Mum's grave on my birthday to return to the source of where I came from.. I spoke to the man about this and he completely understood my reasoning in this..then again, he's happy to sit in graveyards in the dark, drinking wine so that's no suprise there! Yes, I return to the source and indeed, thinking about such things has led me to spread creative energy via the medium of a poem! I hope you like this one...Gobbledegook maybe but sorta makes sense to me right now...


Reflect outwards to the mass to correct -
Correct inwards to the core to reflect.
Universally, in bondage, we connect,
Subconsciously, we accidentally select.
Energy flows in the core to reflect,
Mirrors of reflecting shards we collect..
Tides of energy atoms we select,
Universal broken path we correct
Until our true self we finally, reflect..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Revisiting the girl mother inside of me....

Motherhood and family life..I have forgotten what this is like on a 'large level' if one can explain it this way; by this I mean, having more than just myself and my son to think about..but indeed, 3 children and a man. Yes, this weekend was the first time my partner's kids visited 'my gaff', as they call it in Manchester! I was a little worried as to how I would cope with this sort of invasion and my space being host to small kids again and indeed, my head and heart getting into a different way of functioning but I am happy to say, all went very well. The kids are extremely loving towards me, taken me on wholeheartedly seemingly and this weekend gave me the chance to really bond with all 3 children on an individual level and in their own rights as little people. The youngest child, now comes up and likes to be hugged by me and the middle child, insists that I am the one who brushes her hair! This girl thing? It's a whole new ball game to me, as I have only been around boys as of course, my kids are boys!
We did many activities from walking, boating, paddling, visiting nature and museums, glass painting, baking cakes, watching films, sitting in front of a garden fire and reflecting... The man is a beautiful Father, very loving, firm but fair, kind and openhearted and this to me, is a beautiful trait and indeed, shows to me such emotional maturity and loyalty.
I felt gutted when they all left to return to the North West and cried all the way back home. Why? You may well ask?
Well, I guess this weekend has reminded me what I love about family life, about how if one is truly happy with another soul then life flows freely and well, that I will never have children with the man as we both do not want any more kids and in some ways this brings a sense of sadness that we will never experience this together but on the positive we both have much to offer fellow children and this is indeed a positive thing, that I don't like to say goodbye to the man who I am deeply in love with, who understands me, who loves me, who listens and acts on promises for me, who is loyal, giving and kind...this essentially tears at my heart. But I feel truly blessed and I feel blessed that his children have taken to me with open hearts full of love too..