Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am loved...

Yes, I can honestly say that I am wholeheartedly and genuinely loved by a truly lovely man. Nearly a year of love has simplified so many things and yet brought to the fore so many hurdles that I am slowly but surely working through. A year of long distance travelling to be with the love and yet the flame still burns as it did on that first May weekend.
And yet we do so many simple things that life has become very simplified and this is good for me, for I have the chance and time to reflect and things have started to properly click into place at last and I now know that with love, brings peace and solace.
I will return soon to write about what is happening in my world but for now, the true man of my life has set me free..


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Well that is just the best news and a woman of your greatness deserves such love.


Sara said...

Thanks Dan and a lovely compliment! I'm touched..

Furtheron said...

Happy for you

Four Dinners said...

Always said you'd get there babe. Had to be.

4D x