Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life's been busy and off I go...

So things in Sara World have been busy! Weekends are mostly spent with the man and sharing precious time together that we are unable to do during the week re. living at different parts of the country but at least Manchester isn't so far and we both have the same comittment to travelling over see each other and spending time with respective kids.

This week my son and I jet off to Denmark to visit my eldest son and my friends. We are staying with a good friend in Copenhagen for 2 nights and then head off down south of Copenhagen to the coast road area, Greve Commune area, to stay in a small log cabin, close to the beach and close to where my son now lives. Spending time with him in his new country will be lovely. He's maturing so much and admitted to me that he loves being out in Denmark and as he says, feels very free. I remember feeling exactly the same when I first moved out there. So, much travelling of late and things to look forward to in Denmark..beaches, Bakken, Cafe Culture Dansk/Copenhagen stylee, catching up with family, cycling and museuming no doubt..

After our time there, we return and then off to Greece go I for a week with my man! A hardened traveller am I right now! I will try and blog more, with tales of my adventures and post up some pictures along the way!


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Glad you're happy Sara, sorry about comment stress I caused you and love to you and yours.

humanobserver said...

have a nice and safe trip !