Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finally coming back down to the real world..

Time has passed since my last blog post and thus, I have been busy with holidaying and travelling to and from the North West.
Denmark was lovely; my lovely son has matured so much, he looks like a proper young man and so handsome! He loves being out there and is happy, feels free and will be starting language school next week. I feel proud of him and I also feel that this was the right move for him at this point in time in his life. We spent most nights together just chilling and catching up at being mother and son. My youngest son also enjoyed his holiday over there and was great for brothers to catch up with each other, play fight and have fun! Denmark as ever, filled me with a sense of freedom and carefreeness. Always has and I guess, always will. Cycling around Copenhagen still gives me that ultimate sense of freedom and love for the beauty of that city!

Greece was wonderful; romantic, loving, shared experiences and laughter. Spending such long time with the man was a whole new experience and of course, we got to know each other on a new and different level. He was in awe that I dared to travel alone as I had planned but then I have always been an independent soul and I do think there is some truth in middle children and issues around feeling lonely and thus, manage to become self reliant and self dependent. Anyway, our time was mainly spent swimming, snorkelling, eating in beautiful tavernas, cycling the length of the island, sunbathing and exploring - all in all, a sweet and interesting time was spent! and in many ways, I feel blessed that I have been able to experience this break.

Last night, I found out that one of my poems has been published in our local culture magazine. I feel proud, yet humbled by this at the same time and indeed, feel a sense of inspiration to write again soon. But for me, writing comes in waves and I really can not force it otherwise it feels untrue, wrong and false.. I will seek my poem out for you to read asap! Anyway a brief intro into my world and yes, it's good to be back and yet I do so miss my travels and my sense of wanderlust freedom..but you know, I guess I will always have this feeling inside of me..


Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

You are receiving a lot of good blessings from the universe!! That is so great... Congratulations on the poem, the man, the travel and your son's progress and growth!!!

Life has been busy for me as well, but mostly just struggles and lessons... Nothing exciting and fun or passionate. :-\

Oh well... Put an excitement spell on meeee!! :)

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Things still good? Great stuff, happy for you Sara.

Furtheron said...

You are a published poet.... well done!!! seriously that is a fantastic achievement well done!

Sara said...

BAJ,Yes, the universe is being kind to me for sure! Thanks for all of the congrats...things are good in my world..Struggles and lessons for you eh? All part of where life leads us as you well know! I will now go and do my magic workings on you and send you mucho blessings and love! ;-)

DHG - Yes, things are very good..been found and my path has reached a truly lovely and special soul that's for sure. Thanks :-)