Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bounding energy ....

All things to much energy me..My mind is an overactive atom bomb ready to explode at times but then seeking information and interests has also been a part of my personality, so let's let the atom bomb explode!!! Recently, I've been loving my foray back to William Blake land..I love this guy's work - paintings and many of his poems..Eternity? What a simple but beautiful poem..


He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies... Read more
Lives in eternity's sun rise.

My favourite picture? Possibly Pity or Adam and Eve watched by satan - amazing picture and illustration that was used in Milton's Paradise Lost.

I've also been enjoyimg listening to a band called Glas Candy, their track Digital Versicolor is sooooo seductive! I love it!
This weekend I have a few plans up my sleeve; a possible trip to the Manchester Buddhist Centre open day and def a visit to the Salford Quays War Imperial Museum to see the exhibition about the cold war and artefacts from the Berlin wall destruction. I look forward to seeing all of the coild war history - should be really interesting!

Life is good on many levels in my world, albeit a few hiccups here and there and the need to work through certain issues..lucky that solidity is present in my world, lucky indeed..


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Glad to see that you're well!

Four Dinners said...

Why can't I quite get my ahead around 'Manchester' and 'Buddhists' being in the same sentence?...;-)

Had to change me blog addy....again....long story

4D x

Aunt Jackie said...

I need to be around someone like that with your energy. Mine waxes and wanes it does. :-\

Just popped in to see how you were... Hope you're doing well!