Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hibernating January

January started off so well but 3 weeks ago, I got hit by an awful virus which has subsequently left me with what the Dr terms, Post Viral Syndrome. Generally this means that I have been wiped of all energy, my ear tubes have been blocked and thus, my ear plays sounds of buzzing continually which is painfully annoying. I have spent most of the time in and out of bed recouperating and off work! Strange that these viruses knock the body for six! My man came over to stay with me for 2 weeks whilst I have been ill and showed me a lot of love and offered his support which was very kind and sweet of him..we did manage to go out one night for a curry and a lovely walk through the park admiring the stars..Sadly he had to go back yesterday which always depresses me for the first day that he's gone..but today, I woke up with a sense of finding some spirit again and trying to do a little more in the hope of feeling generaly better and a tad towards recovery!I visited a good friend who is going to give me a massage in return for me cutting her 1 year old son's hair - a good swap if you ask me and all without exchanging a penny! I also went to a Tai Chi class which I really enjoyed and enjoyed feeling the 'chi' in the tips of my fingers..really special feeling.

Whilst being ill I have also come across a great website called justfotheloveofit.org. This is a community based website aimed at people swapping their skills for free..a free economy one might say and worth joining if you believe and indeed would like to share the ethos/skills.. Apart from that, there is nothing much more to share in Sara world..Let's hope a speedy recovery ensues!

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Furtheron said...

Take it easy - don't rush the recovery as these things can sometimes be a real bugger to shift.