Thursday, February 25, 2010

Axed but starting to get the feeling of being interestingly free...

Today it was announced that all of my work's division is to be axed as from July. Yes, the college I work for is in financial mess and thus, they are axing over 200 jobs meaning, the people I teach are not high priority..this being homeless people. Now, I could get into a long debate about the widening participation agenda and the hypocrisy of this but you know what? I can't be fuckin arsed. In many ways, I feel that the change for me is a welcome change. Don't get me wrong, I feel for those with a mortgage etc and as a unionist, I guess there will be strikes about these cuts which of course I will be active on, but in many ways, I am ready for a change. Whatever that may be? Who knows but maybe a complete change from the burn out work that teaching has become and maybe something a little more holistic, conservation or some such. we'll see. The money side of things will be a weird thing to get used to but in some ways, I am prepared to be skint for a while as I have been so in the past..
I have been off work for 6 weeks with anaemia, and this isn't improving as yet. I suspect, as the Dr says, I will feel better after the tablets have taken effect over the next few months. Debilitation and tiredness is not much fun when one wants to get back on track with life.
I did my first proper guided Zen meditation this week. Talk about intense! But, the experience was a good one and one that I would like to continue with as much as possible. To be able to let go as such for a long length of time is a feat in many ways but it proved good for much so, I couldn't sleep last night and had a revelationary dream!
So things are moving and changing in my world and I will return to report to my cyber buddies when I get that free moment or two! and you know what, I feel sort of excited about what may be around the corner and what possibilities could be out there. Watch this space!


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

From the negative will come good, a new branch in your life. Hope you're well Sara?

Furtheron said...

Good luck

Positive attitude to it.

I agree with you - like the cuts in university funding... sorry I thought the govt was on about needing this highly skilled generation to build a new Britain. Great way to start!

What did Mo Mowlam called Mandelson on the stairs in Westminster? Very apt!

Sara said...

Thanks people! And yes, one door closes and one opens as they say..

Daniel, I am still off work with anaemia and an ear prob that is supposedly related to the anaemia..kept me awake again last night..constant buzzing noise and quite painful at times. Not sure when I'll be returning to work but want to be 100% before I do..

Furtheron, yes Mo Mowlam? Very apt indeed..did you watch the documentary about her? Brilliant and sad at the same time.